Creating a modern brand and user-centered website for AI startup ExB

2019, Branding & Website, Strategy, Creative Direction & Design

ExB is one of Europe’s leading artificial intelligence and machine learning start-ups. After their last funding round, ExB wanted to take their brand, communication and website to the next level.

For this project I put together a custom team consisting of copy writer/creative director Rob Filler and front-end developer Thomas Brückmaier.

In an industry where AI companies are perceived as very technical and unapproachable, ExB is shown as a fresh and modern startup focused on their visitors and their user needs. The focus of the website lies on generating leads and expanding their team.

Artificial intelligence is not easy to explain. The landscape of different target groups and user needs is equally complex. We needed to give visitors enough information to get them interested and convinced to get in touch, but not too much to get them overwhelmed and pushed away.

The website is build on top of a modular system, which enables the client to create additional custom landing pages addressing specific users and user needs.

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We created a modular system which makes it easy to create different landing pages to address different industries and user needs. The example above is the insurance page.
Contact module
Since the websites main goal is lead generation, the visitor has the possibility to get in touch with ExB on almost every page.
Illustrations symbolizing different machine learning concepts
The playful background illustrations symbolize different machine learning concepts.
Jobs page
As the second goal was to attract new talent the website positions ExB as an attractive employer and gives quick access to the different job openings.
Product page on desktop, tablet and mobile
Since most people seem to visit on desktop, the design focused on large screens and was later optimized for tablet and mobile.

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