Celebrating 175 years of Artis

2013, App and website, Concept & Art Direction, Project at Fabrique

In 2013 Artis had its 175th birthday. To celebrate this we put the visitors of the zoo and their stories of Artis in the spotlight.

We created a mini website dedicated to these stories. Visitors could share their favorite Artis memories and look at what other people shared. It's beautiful to see people actually uploading hundreds of their fondest memories of their many visits to the zoo. Some of them very funny others sincerely emotional.

Visitors shared more than 600 of their most beautiful memories of Artis

Our Artis-app for iPhone and Android also got an update with a new tour featuring stories about the rich history of Artis.

Fabrique worked closely together with Dawn.

Memories can be filtered on eras or themes, such as love, history, war or family
Our Artis-app got a new tour with stories about the history of the zoo
Artis visitors can share their Artis memories with photos and videos

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