puts people and the use of their table at the centre

2013, Website, Art Direction, Project at Fabrique

Family business Arco has been making high-quality furniture for more than 100 years, focusing on providing technical innovation and design at a high level. Not being distant and elitist, its creations are made for use on a very human scale.

For the website we chose the theme ‘table manners’, putting people and the use of their table at the centre. The split-screen interactive video clips (shot by Maurice Heesen) on the homepage shows people working hard, eating, fighting, and making love on tables. Through the hotspots users can navigate to products or simply use the product overview.

The colourful and stylish website is situated around the product, the designer and the producer. Telling the relevant stories and giving the right contextual information throughout the site.


  • Red Dot Award (Best of the best), 2013
Arco website, homepage
Arco website, product detail page
Product page
Arco website, designer overview
Designer overview page
Arco website, points of sale page
Points of sale page

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