All of Bach, all of Johann Sebastian Bach’s work and its stories in one place

2014, Online magazine, Concept and Art Direction, Project at Fabrique

All of Bach is an initiative of the Netherlands Bach Society, the leading Bach ensemble in the world. In anticipation of its 100th anniversary in 2021, the Netherlands Bach Society decided to record all of Johan Sebastian Bach’s work.

Fabrique was asked to create a platform to make all this available for the public. We created a weekly updated online magazine which lets classical music lovers appreciate the work of Bach even more. Each edition contains the original recording of the piece and the beautiful stories around it. These stories give historical context to the work, opinions of musicians, or ask the public to participate.

The result is a fresh contemporary magazine which stays away from clichés surrounding classical music, but is fitting none the less.

All of Bach website, edition landing page
Every edition has its own unique cover and colour scheme
All of Bach website, edition menu
Each edition contains four storylines from four different perspectives.
The musicians, the (historical) context, the public and of course the perfomance itself.
All of Bach website, performance view
The performance is beautifully documented
All of Bach website, story view
The other three storylines contain rich stories which make the user look from different
perspectives to Bach’s work, so he can appreciate Bach’s work even more
All of Bach website, homepage shown on desktop, tablet and mobile
We designed the website with the iPad in mind.
Later we also optimised the design for desktop and mobile.

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