Giving the collection of The Rijksmuseum back to the public

2012 – 2014, Website, Concept & Art Direction, Project at Fabrique
The Rijksmuseum is the museum of the Netherlands. In anticipation of it's reopening in 2013 we created the new Rijksmuseum website together with the developers of Q42.

The website is all about the artworks and bringing the collection close to the public. To accomplish this we created a user-friendly website which makes the immense digital collection of more than 125.000 artworks available at your fingertips.

More than 250.000 users already created their own Rijksstudio

You can create your own collections about your favourite subjects, print canvasses or postcards made of entire works of art or details of them.

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Gold SpinAward, Category Best Website, 2013
Dutch Design Award, Category Digital, 2013
Gold European Design Award, Category Information site, 2013
Dutch Interactive Award, Category Best Brand, 2013
Best of the Web Award, Best Overall website, 2013
Best of the Web Award, Best Innovative / Experimental website, 2013
Best of the Web Award, People's Choice Award, 2013
FWA Site of the Day, 2013 - Portfolio of Sanne Wijbenga