The 10 Forgotten Animals of Artis

2012, App and website, Art Direction & Lead Design, Project at Fabrique
The theme of 2012's summer-campaign was 'The 10 Forgotten Animals'. Putting the spotlight on the less known inhabitants of the Amsterdam Zoo Artis.

We created an iPhone and Android app with a special guided tour with movies showing everybody how special the animals are and why they shouldn't be forgotten. Visitors can share the movies with friends on Facebook redirecting them to Here everybody can discover the ten animals, buy tickets and download the app.

The Artis-app was downloaded over 45.000 times on iOS and Android

Fabrique worked closely together with Dawn. 


SAN Accent, Category Leisure, 2012
Esprix Award, Category Not for profit, 2012

Artis 10 Forgotten Animals - Portfolio of Sanne Wijbenga