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👋 Hi, I am Sanne Wijbenga

Independent Designer and Creative Director.
I help companies be successful by creating meaningful digital experiences for their customers.

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Vision to Execution

Concept, strategy and design from one single source. This results in high quality and enables high reaction speed, pragmatism and flexibility.

Strong Network

Access to a strong and diverse network of talented experts.
I can form a custom team for each project without adding complexity on your side.

Extensive Experience

Over 15 years of experience creating award-winning work for a broad range of ambitious brands solving a great variety of challenges.

Selected Clients
About me

Sanne Wijbenga, independent Designer & Creative Director

I believe design to be more than how things look, feel and behave. Design is about generating value for end-users and the business. It’s my goal to create experiences that are meaningful for both.

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As a Designer and Creative Director, I can play a big part from beginning to end in every project. From concept development and strategy to digital branding and design. My experience leading interdisciplinary teams enables me to get everyone behind a shared vision and working towards the same goals. Always resulting in something tangible and mostly digital. This can be anything from a website, a design system, a digital product or service, a landing page to a prototype bringing a vision to life.

Before starting my own business I worked at IXDS, SinnerSchrader, Fabrique and Studio Dumbar for the last 15 years. I’ve led and managed creative teams and created award-winning work for a broad range of international, German and Dutch brands.

I live and work in Munich.

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Selected Services

What I can do for you.

Creative Direction

Creating the creative vision for the project or brand and coaching and working alongside the team to bring this vision to life.

Concept Development

Understanding and framing the problem at hand, generating possible directions and making ideas tangible.

Digital Strategy

Planning and directing of all digital touchpoints. Focussing on business goals, value proposition and user value per touchpoint.

Digital Branding

Transfer and extend the brand for digital touchpoints. How it looks and feels, but also how it behaves, moves and communicates.

UX & UI Design

Design for digital touchpoints (functionality, look & feel, behaviour) focusing on maximizing usability and user experience.


Make experiences come to life quickly. Either for testing and research purposes or to make a vision tangible.

Interim Management

Leading and motivating interdisciplinary teams to create the best work possible.

Design Consultation

Advise about your brand, your business, and how great design can help you. Experience and best practice sharing.

Agile Coaching

Helping interdisciplinary teams make the transition to working in a more agile way. Experience as Product Owner and Scrum Master.

Award Winning

Get in touch

Don’t hesitate to contact me for a first appointment. I am more than happy to take the time to tell you a bit more about how I work, what I can do for you and answer other questions you might have. I speak German, English and Dutch.